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is the first born of the family. She is nineteen and is the most cheerful of our group, she has an incredible smile that lights up a room! Ever since Shannon was little she has loved singing and loved music. Although she took many years of violin and piano lessons, it wasn’t until she began learning guitar that she found her first “instrument love.” We are grateful for her strong ear as she leads us in vocals. Besides music, Shannon enjoys reading, writing, horses and her many nieces and nephews. Sometimes when we look at Shannon, we see a far away look in her gray-blue eyes. We know right away, she’s dreaming up a wild tale to write down! Shannon is currently working on a degree in Creative Writing and English through Souther New Hampshire University. 

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is seventeen and is the “quiet child.” She was incredibly shy as a little one but you would never know it now. Playing music in front of an audience has helped her conquer her shyness and you can often find her making new friends before her outgoing big sister does. Emily has just gotten her drivers permit and is eager to get behind the wheel whenever she can! She began violin at age four and piano at six. Mandolin came a bit later. She practices hard and you can hear it in her playing! She has been enjoying harmonizing with her siblings as well. Emily also enjoys reading, writing and the great outdoors. If you can’t find her inside you may find her out on the tree swing with a good book in hand. Emily enjoys academics and looks forward to using CLEP tests to complete college quickly. She has a dream of one day becoming a midwife.

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is the only boy in our band…and he is our leader. He does an amazing job “reeling us in” during rehearsals. He is fifteen years old. Every night, when Daniel was a very small child, his father would come home from work and do puzzles with him. He also used flashcards to help Daniel memorize the US Presidents. Because of this time spent together, Daniel’s ability to memorize increased exponentially. We see him use this incredible memory as he memorizes pages upon pages of music for piano. His first love is definitely piano, (see link below for his recent performance of The Flight of the Bumblebee), but banjo is a close second. It was because of Daniel’s passion for the banjo that our band got its start.  Aside from music, Daniel enjoys basketball and cheering on our very own San Antonio Spurs. He also enjoys board games, pool, and hanging out with family.

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is thirteen. Although she is the youngest, she often has the most to say. She is outgoing and talkative and super fun to be around. Molly has enjoyed learning violin and piano very much. On a recent trip to Colorado to Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, Molly became acquainted with Cape Breton fiddling. She has learned a few step dance moves as well and is now enjoying tapping and fiddling simultaneously! She is an extremely valuable member of our band as she carries the rhythm and the wonderful deep sounds with her upright bass. She began learning bass about two years ago and has picked it up very quickly. She has excellent rhythm and we are grateful for that! Molly also enjoys crafts and the great outdoors. She loves to swim and is definitely the strongest swimmer of the family. When Molly sets her mind to do something, watch out…she will not back down until it’s accomplished!

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