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A Chords of Grace Update...

It's been a year since our last post, wow! So much has happened and we give thanks to the Lord of Hosts who daily pours out His blessings and benefits.

Shannon: We continue to seek the Lord's guidance for healing for Shannon. She is being seen by some amazing doctors and she and our mom have become incredibly familiar with Salt Lake City as Shannon was one of the first patients seen at Metrodora Institute, a research center that specializes in cases like Shannon's. We would ask for continued prayer as the doctors evaluate test results and try to understand and treat her complex health issues.

Emily: Last September Emily got to participate in her first birth. We were grateful for the precious couple at our church who invited her to take part in all of their prenatal appointments and the birth itself. Emily knew, after being part of this miracle, that God was calling her to be a midwife. She has continued her studies and will, Lord willing, begin an apprenticeship next summer. In the mean time, she has fallen in love all over again with the violin and now, the viola! She currently has two students, and although she is not "looking" for more, if they come her way she will gladly accept. She is also working part time at her dad's law firm. Although "desk work" is not her favorite, she is grateful to serve in this way (and make a little extra $). To contact Emily about violin lessons please text 210-727-3073.

Daniel: This is Dan's "senior" year in high school. He is excited about what the Lord has for his future as he studies a plethora of subjects, and prepares to take CLEP tests to gain college credits. Daniel has a heart for debate and public speaking and is part of Hill Country Communicators where he is on the leadership team.

He is excited to participate in the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Banjo Championship again this year in Kansas in September. He is looking for banjo students! He will teach in person or virtual...please reach out if you know someone who is interested. Daniel continues his piano education as well and is looking forward to sharing concerts this spring. To contact Daniel about banjo lessons please text 210-651-4275.

Molly: It's amazing to watch Molly learn new things! She has become quite the artist and has spent hours this summer mastering the art of drawing faces. Molly is definitely the most dramatic of all of us. She is enjoying getting to know old, black and white movies and Audrey and Katherine Hepburn are her current favorites. If you need a movie quote, just give her a call...she's memorized 100's! She has also discovered new and exciting things on her cello and is thrilled to share them in coming performances. She has helped us bring a new sound to our band and we are so grateful for her hard work!

The highlights of our musical career this year were performing at Luckenbach, getting to meet Ricky Skaggs, and teaching and learning at Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp. If you have an interest in learning an instrument, or upping your game, check out . We are excited about going back next summer to teach and learn and we know that anyone who attends (ages 3 to 103!) will leave full of fun musical ideas and amazing memories.

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