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First Release!

Purple and Gold Sunflowers

While all the rest of us have been busy with our second semester of school and lots of music practice, our amazing big sister has been working hard to get well. This getting well business is not easy...and Shannon will attest to the fact that it is by far the biggest "sanctifier" in her life. She must trust her Heavenly Father for each day...often moment by moment throughout the day.

Our mom and Shannon went to Baltimore this month to meet with an amazing specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has given Shannon a better understanding of what is happening in her body and we are hopeful the treatments he has prescribed will begin to bring Shannon relief.

Another big part of Shannon's healing process is her art. She has just finished her first watercolor series which she has entitled The Vines Collection. If you have not visited her website we encourage you to check it out. She has a very interesting speed painting video of one of her projects. You can find it here:

In our home, we love creating. Whether it's music, amazingly delicious food, art, or "things that Molly builds out of popsicle sticks and hot glue" (you never know what her unique, engineering mind will come up with!). We appreciate handmade things and we are finding that others do too. We think you will find our big sister's art to be full of whimsy and bright, vivid colors. Check it out! And if you are interested please consider subscribing to her mailing list.

Love to each of you,

The Voeller Family

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